Azad Kashmir not performing its role as base camp: Turabi

Our Correspondent

Hajira (AJK)—Amir Jamat Islami Azad Kashmir Allama Abdur Rashid Turabi has bitterly criticised the AJK government for what he called its total failure in advancing the basic cause of Jammu and Kashmir – acceleration of freedom struggle.
We shall take revenge from India for the unjust hanging of ex-East Pakistan leader Maulana Mati-ur-Rehman in liberating occupied Jammu and Kashmir from India.
But it is unfortunate that Azad Kashmir being the base camp of Kashmir’s liberation movement is not delivering its due role, he stated this while addressing a one-day well attended Paigham-e-Shuhda Conference [Message of Martyrs Moot] here Monday. Hajira is hardly 13 miles away from the Line of Control.
Going more bitter he stated that both the governments of Islamabad and Muzaffarabad are in fact an obstacle in the forward push of Kashmir struggle.
The budget of the Kashmir Liberation Cell was meant for freedom cause and feeding the heirs of martyrs in the struggle, but the money is being spent on various types of luxuries by ‘jiyalas’[enthusiasts].
The culture of corruption is free for all in AJK but he did not define which type of graft. I regret to observe the rising clannish prejudices here, he remarked.
Jamat chief said that his party had opposed the Musharraf Kashmir formula as that amounted to division of Jammu and Kashmir state.
Freedom struggle is our international right and under no circumstances Kashmiris would abandon it at all, he warned. Over dozen speakers also addressed and resolved to continue the cause for which Kashmiris martyrs rendered their lives in the line of fight.

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