Ayub Park’s tiger cubs, a new sensation for the visitors

Zubair Qureshi

Number of visitors at Ayub Park has all of a sudden gone up with three new tiger cubs born recently to Polly (mother), a Bengal tigress. The birth took place in Jungle World Zoo (Ayub National Park) in March last, under The Army Heritage Foundation. The new addition to family is now open to public view.
The cubs (1 male and two female) are now 8 weeks old. This is the first time the zoo administration of Jungle World has allowed media to interact with these cubs otherwise they were kept inside the cages with their mother. ‘Polly’ gave birth to four cubs earlier in 2017 also.
According to Director Jungle World Park and Zoo, Colonel (R) Tasleemul Haq said, they have provided friendly environment for the animals to breed and now cubs are growing big quickly. It was in 2009 when the Jungle World Zoo had only one male white tiger Umeed aged 17 years, however now the patience of the tiger and the zoo administration too has yielded result, he said. The Ayub Park corresponded with the embassy of Pakistan in Brazil for the import of tigresses, he said.
In response, Brazilian Department of Environment & Natural Resources (IBAMA) offered the gift of three tigresses as a goodwill gesture. The park had to pay only freight and services charges. The three tigresses arrived in AHF in Sep 2010 namely ‘Pandora’ 19 years, Sasha 13 years and ‘Polly’ 7 years. In year 2011, Sasha gave birth to two cubs and they are still alive in JW Zoo (named Rawal & Rawail). Polly gave birth to four cubs in Aug 2011. Two cubs were exchanged in lieu of pair of Puma and 1 for Zebra respectively.
The remaining two are there in the Jungle World Zoo. They are: Umeed (Junior) and Sasha (junior). In the month of Nov 2016, ‘Polly’ gave birth to 4 cubs (all females). Two are with Jungle world and are medically fit. In year 2017, Sasha (junior) was exchanged with a female white tigress named ‘Kiran.’ White tigers are very rare and are not a different species of tigers, they are just white coloured Bengal tigers. Head and body length of tigers is from 5 to 9 feet, weighing from 135 to 225 kgs. Their life span is normally from 18 to 20 years. They sleep for 16 hours a day and normally hunt during dusk or dawn. Their behavior is normal and they are passing a perfect family life at the facility.

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