Ayesha Gulalai case

An allegation of female harassment must be examined to find out the veracity and truth of the matter! If it is on the supreme leadership of a political party, then its significance cannot be turned down. As a matter of fact the leaders are public figures; they do not have private life. They are role models and inspiration for millions. If such an allegation of immorality surfaces, the accused along with accuser(s) and all state institutions must respond positively. An immediate investigation and inquiry at respective platform and under existing laws should be initiated so as to pave the way for justice.
Female harassment, no matter physical or verbal, is a serious issue and must be dealt with the same spirit and effort as any other crime of grave importance is dealt. Western cultures and societies – upholder of woman emancipation – do not overlook this matter and look into it by the book so that justice may prevail. The treatment with women in male-dominated society is vivid or conspicuous – not hidden from all. If a female like Ayesha Gulalai Wazir, raises her voice of alleged harassment at the hands of the top leader of a famous political party, we, irrespective of our political affinities, must show responsibility. To an utter dismay, the onslaught on the character of Ayseha unleashed by some loyalists immediately after her allegations was frivolous and resentful. The kinds of justification are being given in the case of Ayesha Gulalai that she should have been unfolded it forthwith. This entire episode is merely a reflection of our immaturity as a nation and indifference to moral and ethical standards which are the foundation of civilized societies. A prevalent notion in our political circles is that any allegation or accusation should be responded in scathing and revengeful way; ignoring the all set parameters of being urbane. This is the duty of our leaders to teach their followers about morality, ethics, politeness and coexistence. It is difficult time for us as a nation; keeping the ground reality into mind that the internal and external anti-Pakistan elements are trying to destabilize us.

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