Awareness seminar on thalassemia

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi


Blood screening before marriage can avoid the chances of Thalassemia among the newly born kids and this is the only way to control the spread of Thalassemia in the country this was said by speakers here at Jalal Baba Auditorium at the one day seminar organized by the Save Life Thalassemia Patients here on Wednesday.
A model Thalassemia Centre will be established at Abbottabad by the owner of Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Centre Karachi while addressing the seminar and had also announced the donation of Ambulance for the local centre and blood analyzer to provide the immediate blood screening facility to the patients with the help of local centre which is already working in Abbottabad.
Seminar was largely attended by the peoples from all walk of life which includes, patients and their families, students and doctors of the medical colleges, office bearers and works of the different NGO’s, representatives of the different trade organization, government officials, members of the media and officials of Bait-ul-Mal and local bodies. Muhammad Iqbal while speaking at the occasion told that currently more then 10.5(M) population of the country carries the Thalassemia minor affects while more then one lac are major carries of this disease which needs yearly 2.4 millions blood bags with the other inject bales to keep the life of one patient alive and it is alarming factor which is spreading in fast note due to ignorance by the general public and even by the doctors.
The owner of Kashif Thalassemia Centre Karachi who started his centre after death of his son with this disease told that now with the public awareness and better treatment of the patients, the affectees are spending happy life and in many cases, they got married and had got kids even in few cases twin babies were born for which he invited the all segments of the life to not only save the lives of the innocent patients as majority of the poor peoples are the main victim of the disease.
His emotional speech brought the pouring hall of Jalal Baba Auditorium to stand still and he had given ray of hope to the more then hundred patients came from all over the Hazara division especially to their parents who run pillar to post at least four to six time in month to get blood and to get off the excess iron from their bodies through a painful process which cost three to four hours.

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