Awareness on census

Sawan Khaskheli

Badin—Intellectuals of Badin from various political, social, journalistic and religious organizations vowed to take active part in awareness raising for national census in Sindh province for the sustainability and stability of the province.
According to the report, Census Monitoring Committee (CMC) has held a meeting in the col-laboration with Badin Press Club and Hyderabad Union of Journalists on Saturday at Badin Press Club and participating by representatives of several political, social, journalistic and religious organizations.
Representatives including Coordinator of Census monitoring committee, Khadim Talpur, Haji Abdul Sattar Memon, PPP Badin, Ali Ahmed Jokhio, PML-N, Sagar Sheedi, PML-F, Tanveer Ahmed Arain, Vice president, Hyderabad Union of Journalists, renowned poet, Abddullah Nakash, Faiz Udhejo, Hyder Panwhar, Abdullah Turk, Moulana Fateh Khan Khoso and others while addressing added that all people should participate actively in the national census 2016 and if we fail to fill accurate facts and figures in the census, it means we would create a bug threat of survival of the province and its stability.

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