Awareness needed on health related prank Apps to avoid consequences


HEALTH related pranks Apps available on Android mobile phones are causing fatal consequences for lives and health of the people who use these to check their blood pressure and sugar level and take its results seriously in managing their health conditions. These mobile Apps are not just limited to blood pressure and sugar checking facilities but also age scanners, lie detectors, weight checking, X-rays, temperatures, blood groups etc.
Today Android technology is available for people of various ages including children and old age people either literate or illiterate on cheap rates and they are accessing these mobile Apps easily without knowing the misuse and side effects of such pranks.
Talking to APP, Irum Muneer, who is a lecturer at a local college, said, “I have an experience of meeting couple of people who are following the results of these Prank Apps seriously and putting their lives on stake”. “One of my friends who is well qualified and working lady was using a prank app to check her blood pressure and sugar and even taking medicine following the result of that prank”, she said.
She urged the concerned government authorities to keep check on these Apps which have mention of pranks to save the citizens from health hazards.
She also asked media to play its role for educating people especially with low education level and children to avoid these pranks. Noman Adil, who is an IT expert said, “Although technology is meant for the well being of society and help us in many ways but we have to learn and educate others about the uses and misuses of these technologies.”
Before using any App, either for calls or internet and even games, we must gather information about those Apps in detail. All the material available on the internet including these pranks have their details and even reviews with the download options but people don’t bother to read instruction and keep on using these blindly, he said.
An android user, Shagufta Ijaz, said, “Today we have handed over smart phones to our children with no restriction of internet usage without educating them about their usage at all”.
“I have gone through a number of such Prank Apps which have not mentioned that these are Pranks. I have downloaded many Apps thinking if these are useful for health but realized after using that these are not accurate”. Besides these pranks, there are number of Apps easily available on play stores which are prescribing and guiding about medicine and people are following these considering difficult to go to the doctor and spend money.
When contacted, Dr. Atifa, a health expert said, “One of her patients used an App for finding alternate for a prescribed medicine which was not available at that time in the medical stores. Some of the elements in the alternate suggested medicine through App caused serious health hazard to the patient, she told. When we say that self medication is injurious for health, these pranks are more fatal and have negative results on the health of the patients, she observed. She strongly advised the citizens not to follow any instruction related to their health on internet without consulting their doctor to prevent from serious health consequences.

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