Awareness crucial for establishing crime-free society

Peshawar—SP Security Peshawar, Sahibzada Sajjad Ahmad has said that like reforming police for strengthening rule of law educating public about their roles and responsibilities is also crucial to ensure a just, enlightened and crime-free society.
Speaking in a consultative meeting of working group on police reforms here Friday he added that the collective vision of the KP police leadership is driving all these reforms to turn KP police into an organization oriented for public service.
The initiatives like Criminal Record Verification System (CRVS), Identity Verification System (IVS), and Vehicle Verification System (VVS) are some important developments to achieve the milestones for crime control and public facilitation.
He also said that the citizens who have interacted with the police after reforms so far had found visible changes and were all-praise for the reformation. The most important community policing development in the KP police is the establishment of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs).
DRC is a restorative justice system which has immensely reduced the burden of civil cases on police station and helped focusing on the investigation of important cases and on their core crime-control and CT roles.
The meeting was a part of the project “Ulasi Police” which is an awareness and advocacy campaign undertaken by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS)” as part of USAID Small Grants and Ambassadors” Fund Programme’ to strengthen the rule of law in KP province by promoting and disseminating the significant police reforms aimed at incorporating local communities’ policing needs and international human rights standards. The endeavor aims to tackle the trust deficit between the public and police, help KP police become an accountable and community-focused police force.
The participating members of community said the initiatives like Ulasi Police are some inspiring examples for KP police to strengthen their linkages with public and interact with them periodically. They said that the KP police authorities should be considerate of the challenges and issues facing the policemen at lower level.—APP

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