Awareness campaigns imperative to augment IPs: IPO Chairman

A comprehensive awareness campaign to own Intellectual Properties (IPs) is imperative to augment the number of registered Trademarks (TMs), Copy Rights (CRs) and Patents to help boost country’s economy and discourage fake businesses for a standard working environment.
This was stated by Chairman Intellectual Property Organization-Pakistan (IPO-Pak), Mujeeb Ahmed Khan. He said “A country’s socio-economic development can be gauged through total number of its registered Trademarks and Copy Rights which are directly proportion to creativity and innovation.”
He regretted that Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) were being neglected since long for certain reasons in the country adding that the IPO was registering just 14,000 applicants for TMs and 3,900 CRs per year till last year which showed that industry, academia, students and emerging entrepreneurs were lacking coordination and knowledge about IPRs.
He said “The figure now touches to 40,000 for TMs, 9,300 for CRs a response received due to the encouragement by IPO to Local business community to patent their ideas.”—APP

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