Avoid politics of provocations

While the entire nation heaved a sigh of relief over diffusion of political tension, some leaders, commentators and even a section of media seemed to be uneasy over prospects of restoration of normalcy to national politics. The remarks made by some of them after PTI chief Imran Khan’s decision to call off his protest and instead celebrate November 02 as Thanks-giving Day were surely reflective of mental make-up of these leaders.
We are sure serious-minded people of Pakistan would agree with Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan that it was neither victory nor defeat of any one and instead it was victory of Pakistan, trust in institutions, democracy and above all peace. No one was going to gain anything from politics of violence and hatred, which is causing divisions in the society. Pakistan badly needs peace and security so as to effectively counter threats being posed by our enemies but unfortunately some elements are not realising this fact and as a result the country has been deprived of internal stability. We appreciate Imran Khan’s decision to abandon his protest thus frustrating designs of those around him who were wrongly counselling him for the last several months to take things to a point of no return. Frustration of Dr Tahirul Qadri, Sheikh Rashid and Chaudhary Brothers is understandable as they have somewhat personal vendetta against Sharif Family but remarks offered by some PPP leaders and even some Federal Ministers were highly irresponsible and amounted to provoking the PTI leader. By issuing derogatory statements, these Ministers are doing no service — neither to their party nor to the country and the Prime Minister may issue them firm directions to avoid complicating things for him.

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