Avoid honour killing, domestic violence

Syed Adnan

Honour killing means killing a family member due to a fake perception that the member had brought dishonour to the family. In rural areas, it is common because there is a strong racial and community consciousness among the people and a member of a family bringing dishonour means bringing dishonour to whole community. People in rural areas are unfortunately very strict regarding honour of family and community. As a punishment or penalty they kill the family member believing that it will clear name of the family and community that got tainted. But this act of human massacre is not good, as honour cannot be cleansed through such unlawful acts. There should be awareness spread in rural areas regarding rights of people, which are guaranteed by our religion and constitution. There is also a very dangerous trend creeping in our society that has to be dealt with an iron hand. Between 70% and 90% women in Pakistan face domestic violence. Woman and children’s are often the soft targets. A significant number of deaths are taking place on daily basis a result of domestic violence. Every human being deserves basic honour and respect. Domestic violence has no place in our society and it should be strongly dealt with maximum punishments.

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