Avoid government, institutions mistrust

INTERIOR Minister Ahsan Iqbal has lamented that some elements are bent upon creating lack of trust between government and state institutions but added that their attempts would be frustrated. Talking to newsmen in Peshawar on Monday, he said these elements are trying to spread hopelessness among masses.
The Minister has a point, as there are some elements both among politicians and media that are doing nothing but spreading anarchy by spreading rumours and carrying out a disinformation campaign. They give meaning of their choice to different developments and fan controversies out of proportion and with a sinister design. However, one might point out to Mr Ahsan that why government becomes an easy prey to conspiracies of these elements. Chaotic conditions suit the opposition as it has nothing at stake but the government has to lose on such a scenario, therefore, it is supposed to be acting and responding in a highly sensible and responsible way. The members of government and the ruling party should not get provoked but they are as is evident from daily statements. We have been pointing out that the sensitivity of the situation demands that the Prime Minister and the party leadership should issue strict orders to Ministers as well as party leaders not to issue statements that can be linked, in any manner, to state institutions. Instead of wasting their energies on issuing acrimonious statements and making dubious remarks, the Ministers ought to concentrate on their ministries. As elections are approaching, the ruling party is gradually losing the charm because of lack of concentration on governance, loss of its authority, price-hike, rising crime and mind boggling increase in power load-shedding in winter months. These are the issues that deserve focus of the government and not accusatory politics as there are many others to do that.

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