Avoid frequent use of antibiotics

Aleem ur Rehman
Via email

Day in day out politicians and pundits tell us what we should really be afraid of, but what if
there’s something out there’s bigger than all of those threats? Something deadlier than, say, terrorism. A threat that could result in something as small as a paper cut killing you because that’s what the world was like before antibiotics and we could be heading into a world now where antibiotics don’t work anymore. The consequences of that could be catastrophic. “We are in the post antibiotic era” sounding the alarm bell Margaret Chan who is a Director General of World Health Organisation (WHO). Another recent study found that globally, in 2014 alone 700,000 people died of drug resistance infection. By 2050 it said, drug resistant super bugs could kill 10 million people a year that’s more than cancer kills now i.e. 8.2 million. So whose fault is this, drug companies, reckless doctors or all of us. Because antibiotics as a medical experts point out are miracle drug that should be used sparingly, you overuse them and they don’t work and yet between 2000 to 2014 global antibiotic use is skyrocketed up to 40%. Here we running off to our doctors demanding antibiotics for even the mildest of sore throat, FYI antibiotics don’t work for most of sore throat. To borrow a line from the top British economist Jim O’Neill who led the UK research into global antimicrobial resistance, “Unless we stop doling out for antibiotics like sweets we’re going to kick off an antibiotic apocalypse”. Is that scary enough?

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