How to avoid falling sick during monsoons? follow these ayurvedic tips


A downpour during the rainy season is often welcomed with great enthusiasm as well as a sigh of relief. After months of scorching heat, the rains help everyone bounce back with fresh doses of energy and vigour. But along with long spells of showers, the monsoon months also bring with them extended bouts of illnesses and several seasonal colds and allergies. Whether its diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, dengue, malaria or chikungunia, the number of people vulnerable to these diseases increases manifold during the rainy season. Ayurveda has a few handy tips that might help you guard your family and yourself against some of these.
According to the science of Ayurveda, the dosha that is accumulated during the rainy season or varsha, is the pitta. This is due to the acidic conditions in the atmosphere which increases the susceptibility of diseases and reduces the digestive processes in the body. This in turn leads to a loss of appetite due to the sluggish digestive system.
There are a range of dietary habits and tips that one must keep in mind to ensure consistency of the immune system and strengthening of the immune system to combat the growth of bacteria in the body. Hair loss, skin infections and indigestion occurs due to the accumulation of Pitta. According to Dr. Dhanvantri, Ayurvedic expert, the monsoon requires everyone to ensure certain precautions are taken in order to remain in the best of health. He suggests the following tips to follow during this season.
Avoid food that is uncooked and raw. Only food that is well cooked and hygienic must be consumed. Food from street vendors must be avoided. During the rainy season, the bacteria sticks to the food making it unfit for consumption.
Greasy and spicy food with too many chillies might not be suitable for everyone. It might hinder effective digestion. Oil free food is a must. Wheat and barley along with moong dal soup and freshly boiled water help boost immunity. They also enable the toxins of the body to get flushed out, maintaining ones health and reducing vulnerability. All of these are loaded with minerals and vitamins and replenish the body with the nutrients it desires for proper functioning.
Do not consume green leafy vegetables or cooked vegetables that are now stale.
Do not have milk during the day and curd during the night. What you eat is as crucial as when you eat it. Ayurveda suggests that you don’t have fruits along with milk. Milkshakes and such fruit based drinks may slow down the digestion even further, according to the science of Ayurveda.

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