Avoid falling into Indian trap

THERE is every reason to believe that the reported Uri attack was handiwork of India’s own agencies aimed at diverting attention of the world community from what its forces were doing in Occupied Kashmir. On the pretext of ‘Pakistan’s involvement’ in the so-called attack, Indian government leaders, politicians, leadership of the armed forces and media are harping on the same string – blaming Pakistan and threatening it of dire consequences.
The steps taken by Pakistan to defend itself including unusual exercises of Pakistan Air Force, meeting of the military commanders and statements by the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif are surely justified as the country cannot remain oblivious to potent threats in view of past bitter experience. However, the war hysteria created by India and its media and the consequential reaction by Pakistan has heightened tension between the two nuclear armed rivals and the world community is now expressing concerns over possibility of aggravation of the situation to an uncontrollable level. The fact, however, remains that India cannot dare carry out aggression against Pakistan as it fully knows Pakistan’s capability and resolve to respond in kind. Therefore, the only objective of the stage-managed Uri attack was to shift focus away from gross human rights violations that have attracted attention of the UN, its Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, OIC and other influential members of the global community. India is under increasing pressure to stop bloodshed in Occupied Kashmir and engage into meaningful dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the longstanding dispute. However, its leaders are trying to paint a different picture by hurling accusations of terrorism on Pakistan and its representatives making hue and cry at UN and other world fora. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Foreign Office and Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at UN Dr. Maleeha Lodhi have done well by portraying true picture of what is happening in Occupied Kashmir and the fact that India was in the habit of blaming Pakistan for everything bad happening on its soil. We hope that this focus would continue and a comprehensive plan would be chalked out to expose state-sponsored terrorism in Occupied Kashmir.

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