Avoid confrontation

AT a time when the country is grappling with remnant elements of terrorists and our eternal enemy engaged in hatching conspiracies to destabilise the country, confrontation amongst institutions is the least that country can afford at this juncture. Indeed there is a history of tense relations amongst our important institutions but over the years the country has moved towards mature democratic credentials and the nation expects that things continue to progress in the same direction with greater understanding and cooperation amongst all state institutions.
As certain elements were trying to create an impression of confrontation amongst the government and the army following ISPR tweet message on the Dawn Leaks notification, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chairing a high level meeting in Lahore on Sunday emphatically stated that confrontation amongst the institutions would not be allowed. Being head of the government, we were expecting this kind of mature and sensible approach from him in order to defuse the situation. Responsibility in this regard also rests with all opposition parties and the media not to create hype on the matter but play a role that creates greater understanding and harmony amongst the institutions. Giving impression of confrontation amongst state institutions only further dents the image of our country in outside world. Our armed forces have rendered innumerable sacrifices in war on terror and the entire nation values those sacrifices. Both government and armed forces must be on the same page on all matters of national interests in order to foil conspiracies and sit together and find a common ground in order to implement recommendations of inquiry report.

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