Avoid confrontation

It is quite commendable that for the past many years, democratic system is prevailing in our beloved motherland Pakistan although it is still quite fragile and weak and there is dire need for its being further strengthened, promoted and sustained by all democratic loving people. It should also be kept in mind by all that any confrontation between the federal and provincial governments in any manner is quite harmful as well as dangerous for the prevailing democratic system which should be sustained through committed and determined efforts by everyone. The PPP is in power in Sindh and PTI in KP while the PML-N is in power at the Centre as well as in Punjab and Balochistan (coalition). As the next general election is fast approaching, political activities are gradually picking up as the parties are addressing public meetings also every other day in parts of the country as part of mass contact campaigns.
What they are doing is their democratic and political right. But while doing so, they are somehow indulging in negative politics bordering on confrontational politics. They are cat calling their political opponents almost hitting below the belt and pointing accusing fingers on others and all this is not something which the people at large expect from the political leaders of calibre and status.
In all fairness, they should be telling the people, the prospective voters , as to what their federal and provincial governments have been doing so far and what they plan to do for them in future. They should refrain from such negative politics and instead do positive politics keeping the national interests uppermost and remembering that somewhat prevailing fragile democratic system cannot withstand such hostile and negative confrontational politics at all. People are the good judge and they know better as who is working for their welfare and well-being and who is not. So, let the people decide according to their conscious , please.

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