Australia launches Squash Classroom project in Pakistan

Muhammad Arshad


Squash Australia teamed up with the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) on Friday to launch a new project ‘Squash Classroom’ with an aim to use the game of squash to promote health, gender equality and education for Pakistani youth.
“The one-year activity is supported by the Australian Government’s aid program through its Asia Sports Partnerships initiative. And around 600 Pakistani youngsters will benefit from this project,” Secretary PSF Aamir Nawaz told media after the official launch of the project at Pakistan Sports Complex.
Acting Australian High Commissioner, Jurek Juszezyk was also present on the occasion. Aamir said Pakistan enjoyed a long and proud history in squash, having dominated the world squash scene for several decades.
“Squash is one of the popular sports in our country and people of all age groups take keen interest in it. We are committed to creating new opportunities for our youngsters in this sport,” he said.
He thanked Australia for extending help through the project stating, “We welcome Australian support for squash in our country. This will bring our two nations closer together through this sport.”
He said PSF was looking forward to its Austrian counterpart and squash federations of other countries for coaches’ exchange and other programmes.
Jurek Juszezyk on the occasion said around 75000 Australian dollars had been allocated for the project, designed to connect young people to education in an innovative way by turning squash courts into classrooms and providing a safe space for youth to speak up about issues that were important to them.
The project will leave a lasting legacy for over 600 young people in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore, who will participate in the project this year and learn important skills and knowledge of squash. They will also learn important messages about health, gender equality and education.
“The Australian government is proud to support this new initiative, which aims to build on the strong legacy of squash and create new opportunities for young people in Pakistan. The slogan Squash for Youth and Youth for Squash captures this intent very well,” Juszezyk added.

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