Aussie lawn bowlers channel Beyonce to save green


A Beyonce-inspired video of three elderly Australian lawn bowlers strutting their stuff in a campaign to save their local green has gone viral with more than one million Facebook views in just a few days.
The short film posted Saturday features Terry Foster, 82, Janine Hall, 82, and Wyn Hewett, 72, performing their rendition of Beyonce’s hit ‘Single Ladies’, with the lyrics substituted for demands of their local council.
“We love our club, we’ve had enough,” they sing, dressed in their blue and white bowling outfits. “We’re doing our bowling thing. We wanna keep fit and that is it. Please don’t take it from me.”
The site of the Chadstone Bowls Club in suburban Melbourne has been slated for a new multi-million-dollar indoor community stadium. But the club’s 600 members, most of them elderly, have told the council to keep their hands off the 60-year-old facility.
Denise Wallish, the video’s producer and member of the Save Chaddy Bowls committee, said they had been overwhelmed by the attention, much of it from overseas, which will bolster their cause when they meet the council next week.”To say we are amazed would be an understatement,” she told AFP, adding that imitating the US superstar was a logical choice.”We love Beyonce!,” she said. “She is sassy and anyone who can dance

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