Auditors awarded honorarium

Identifying irrgularities in Grand Hyat Hotel

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The Auditor General of Pakistan has granted Special Honorarium equal to two months pay for the staff of Audit, Works (Federal), Islamabad on identifying irregularities in the construction of Grand Hyatt Hotel in Islamabad.
A spokesperson of Auditor General of Pakistan Office in a statement issued on Monday said that the irregularities identified by the Auditors of Auditor General of Pakistan Office not only highlighted the professional competence of the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan but also had significant audit impact.
The spokesperson added that the Auditor General of Pakistan, Rana Assad Amin, has started a system of rewards and punishment in the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan under Strategic Reforms Plan (2015-19) and under this initiative AGP has dismissed 3 officers of B-17 and B-19 who were found guilty of corruption and misconduct in last six months to eliminate corruption and indiscipline from department because he has zero tolerance in this regard.
To bring further improvement in this system the AGP has started a “Whistle Blowing” policy and a dedicated system for registering the complaints has also been put in place on the directions of AGP, spokesperson added.
Commenting on Grand Hyat Hotel case the spokesperson said that the case was actually identified by the Auditors of DAGP during the audit of CDA by Audit, Works (Federal) Islamabad and on the basis of audit paras raised by the auditors of DAGP, PAC in its meeting held on May 28 2014.

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