Attacks from Afghan side

TERRORISTS continue to mount attacks on Pakistan from Afghan side. Sunday once again saw armed attacks from across the Afghan border in the Qamar Din Qarez area of Balochistan and Bajaur area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to the ISPR, the security forces repulsed the attack killing six terrorists and injuring several others. Most importantly, seven infiltration attempts were made in Bajaur area between Saturday and Sunday with terrorists using fire raids and physical attack targeting especially those working on fencing the border.
Pakistan is fencing its 2611-kilometer long porous border with Afghanistan and constructing new observation posts as part of efforts aimed at better management of the border. Pakistani officials are confident the massive unilateral undertaking will effectively address mutual complaints of militant incursions. Indeed these cross border attacks are the main irritant in relations between the two neighbouring countries. In fact Pakistan for long has been asking the Afghan side to take effective action against terrorist hideouts from where they have been financing, planning and undertaking cross-border terrorist attacks on Pakistani military posts, cities and towns. Just a few months back, attack on an army unit in Swat was carried out by banned TTP terrorists based in Afghanistan in which eleven soldiers were martyred. Pakistan side had also shared a dossier with the Afghan side with proofs but we understand nothing worthwhile was done to check their activities. On such cross border attacks, Pakistan has always demonstrated maturity and has never resorted to blame game on such attacks rather only emphasised the need for greater cooperation and coordination to avert such incidents. And indeed it is possible if both the countries equally focus on improving security situation on their borders. While Pakistan is doing its part, the Afghan side has yet to initiate steps towards that direction. Quite recently, both the countries agreed to a plan of action for peace and solidarity and we hope that using this platform, the relevant quarters will sit together and frame a mechanism to strengthen security controls at the porous border. The purpose should be that terrorists are not allowed any space to operate rather they are eliminated in their sanctuaries. It will also help address misunderstanding and mistrust in relations between the two neighbours.

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