Attack on Qawwal

The attack on renowned Pakistani Qawwal Haji Ameer Khan the other day in East London’s Green Street area shocked the entire nation. According to Ameer’s daughter, Saleena, a black man attacked her father and hit his father with punches and kicks who fell down on the ground after receiving wounds to his body, his eye was severely damaged.
This is not the first attack of its kind, last year in November, a British-Pakistani pizza shop owner named Imran was too subjected to an acid attack in East London’s Barking area by a gang of white supremacists. It pains me to mention that {unfortunately} no measures seem to have been taken for the safety of {Pakistani} people. We request the Government of Pakistan to take up the matter, which is serious enough, with the authorities concerned so that no such attacks occur in future.
Kech Turbut

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