Attack on labourers

The buildings and roads add beauty to the world and this is all due to money. People who have money, spend it on magnificent edifices. But apart from money, there is someone who puts his best to make them beautiful. You know who is he? He is called a labourer who puts his best in making them beautiful but it shocks me to say that no one in Pakistan values them and they are living a very ordinary life.
Recently in Gwadar, which is known as one of the best districts of Balochistan, labourers were attacked and killed. This was not the first attack on labourers; such incidents have taken place in the past in Turbat and other places. This cool blooded murder of the labourers shows the carelessness of our authorities who are not providing any security to the labourers.
It is heart rendering to mention that in some families these labourers are the only breed earners and their death wrecks havoc to the bereaved families. I mean to say that sometimes with the death of one person the whole families dies.
The government should take some steps to save the life of labourers and members of the affected families must be given sufficient compensation so that they could live their lives with ease and comfort, although no compensation is more valued than a human being.
Kech, Balochistan

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