Attack on Interior Minister

INTERIOR Minister Ahsan Iqbal narrowly survived an assassintion attempt during a corner meeting in his constituency in Narowal on Sunday, an act condemned by all. Though the attack itself reflects security failure but it is good to see that the culprit was arrested from the spot and is now being investigated. By all means it was not an ordinary incident as the person who came under attack was the Interior Minister, who is responsible for overall internal security, law & order situation. This is the reason that news of the gun attack sent a wave of surprise and shock across the country. The incident undermined efforts being made by the government about projecting soft image of the country to outside world. The whole episode must be investigated thoroughly and all those responsible be nabbed and brought to justice.
Most importantly, the timing of the attack is very significant. It has come at a time when a few months are left in the next general election and political parties are fully geared up and holding public gatherings, meetings to woo maximum support. In the 2013 elections, we had also seen that some parties such as PPP and the ANP could not run their campaigns to their satisfaction because of security threats. But since then, we understand the country has moved on the security front and it cannot afford the same kind of situation that prevailed in the last elections. We, therefore, urge the federal and provincial governments to prepare a proper security plan fully backed by intelligence apparatus for the safety and security of all political leaders so that they could go ahead with their political activities without any impediment. Any other attack on a political figure will not augur well as element of fear will keep the masses away from the electioneering and the polling process. Finally, the elections should be held on time at all costs as the continuation of democratic set-up is the only panacea to address all the challenges including those relating to security.

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