‘Atchoo’ sneezed the old book..!

AND as TV screens throughout India show jawans marching, cavalry prancing, tanks rolling, NCC cadets striding, floats with dancers swinging, in a library somewhere in Delhi an old dusty book tries to shake the dust of its jacket and the grime off its pages. “What are you doing?” ask the other books in the old library angrily.
“Trying to get spruced up!” says the old book. “Your sprucing will get all of us a cold! Atcchhoo! Atcchhoo!” “Atchoo! Atchhooo!” sneeze the other books as the dust round the old book begins to rise, “Attchhoooo!” But the old book, sixty years of age tries all the more harder to get the dust off itself, ignoring protests from the other books in the archives. “Okay!” shouts an encyclopedia, “Tell us what you are up to?” “Like I said, getting spruced up!” “That we can see,” rumbles a dictionary, “But why?” “Because today is my birthday!” whispers the sixty year old, as it tries dusting off a cake of grime on its first page.
“Your birthday?” “Yes isn’t this the 26th of January?” “It is!” “Aren’t they celebrating outside?” “Well,” says the encyclopedia, being the tallest and peering through a window, even as the dictionary and all the other big books look out, “We see jawans marching!” “Cavalry prancing!” “Tanks rolling!” “NCC cadets striding!” “Floats with pretty dancers singing!” “They’re all celebrating my birthday!” shouts the dusty old book as it also tries to glance through the window and nearly falls on its bookmark. “If they’re all celebrating your birthday!” ponders the dictionary as the other books nod wisely, “Then why are you here?”
“Yes why haven’t they dusted you out!” “Cleaned you up!” “Spruced your pages!” “And lighted candles on a cake for you?”
“Because,” whispers the old book, which is the Constitution of India, “They have forgotten what they are celebrating! Outside over there, might is right, goondas are ruling, no law as lynching of minorities and murder of journalists take place and these pages of mine which gives each citizen an equal right in this country, is now…”
“Dirty!” “Dusty and grimy!” “And forgotten!” shout all the books sadly. “Atchoo!” sneezes the Constitution as the jawans, cavalry and NCC cadets march past, “Atchhooo!” sneeze the other books softly as they watch the Constitution cry on his birthday.

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