Assessing United Nations

Baber Ali Bhatti

GIVE it Syria, Bosnia, Kashmir or Palestine, people are dying and dead in millions. Series of sufferings, lynching, perishing and shooting is routine course of action in these countries. Major Powers in pursuit of their grand designs keep on nipping weaker nations killings of thousands innocents. Arial bombardments are modus operandi tools in pursuit of required objectives. Neo-imperialistic policies of the US and Russia -supervising wars for their very own interests- against all odds are gradually becoming chief state policies. United Nations (UN) while witnessing these wretched situations are centring the short and long term development goals, thereby parting this world a functioning and conterminous ground for major powers to carry their lethal plays. UN is withering away when it comes to measure its mandate and influence in international security realm.
Ironically, UN was established to ensure and preserve peace globally. However, when insights of all wars are assessed, UN -from the very beginning- barely found its role to evade and culminate wars. Koran War spanning three years was ended when parties decided to end it. Similarly, longest Vietnam war was culminated owing to withdraw of belligerents when they decided to do so. Arab-Israel was and other Middle East wars were met to end with diffusing interests of warring parties. Cumulatively, UN could not influence those wars to bring peace but performed meagrely to resolve nominal conflicts with no desirable implications in favour of peace. International security and international peace was primary agenda when League of Nations was proposed. After its failure and giving millions of lives in Second World War, UN was proposed and established to avert the scourge of war, the very same objective. Except averting wars and savings lives, UN performed considerably in other domains. Kashmir being nuclear flashpoint in the heart of south Asia is perpetual hanging sword that may potentially led to nuclear catastrophe. Kashmir dispute is pending before the UN and could not be addressed from the last seven decades. In the same way, Palestine dispute linked with entire Middle East is seething from decades and stability is oscillating in Middle East, again; UN could not spot itself anywhere.
UN acquiesced Trump’s declaration of moving embassy from Tal aviv to Jerusalem that consternated whole world. A mere statement of condemning this act by the most powerful organization was not adequate to foil such plan. Consequently, the US attempted to materialize this declaration on the face of severe resistance from Palestinians. Height of resistance can be gauged form the circulated picture of crippled Palestinian boy hitting stone to Israeli forces, to his fortune later he took a bullet shot and martyred. Israeli forces continued their barbaric treatments and slayed more than sixty Palestinians causing severe injuries to hundreds. From its very inception, Israel always disrespected human rights and set on to kill and torture Palestinians but never forestalled on any front. Absurdly, the ceremony marking the opening of the United States embassy in Jerusalem had Ivanka Trump with contended smile when Palestinian demonstrators were being maimed by Israeli forces only a few kilometers away.
Unfortunately, UN -reiterating the past- opted to circumvent the situation as has been successfully doing in case of Kashmir, Syria and Bosnia. In security arena, UN was never seen wielding its influence, power and mandate or playing any substantial role to resolve the conflicts in time against the will of warring parties. Muslim countries with more than fifty seats in UN are also maintaining a appalling silence. The Muslim world seems genuinely divided not only along with sectarian lines but division also shaped by worldviews, governance structures, cultural affinities and particularly geopolitical interests of respective countries.
Moreover, the muted response of Muslim states within UN and outside is more shocking. After usual condemnations of the brutal massacre of Palestinians, many Arab states turn their focus on countering Iranian influence in the region than on backing the Palestinians. Cold Muslim hearts must be denounced while condemning the United States and Israel. Undeniably, UN is successfully carrying other developments projects across the world. However, this is abysmally needed when primary desire and need of people is to live and to live in peace. Collectively, if UN with such heavy mandate fails to formulate and execute anti-war policies, its own survival would be at stake.
— The writer is associated with Strategic Vision Institute, a think-tank based in Islamabad.

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