Assassination of Amjad Sabri

Maryam Abbasi

It is a shame that the life of a human being has no value in Pakistan. The targeted killing of innocent people in Karachi is not a new thing. The life of Karachiites is always in danger. People are afraid to go outside their homes, because of the insecure city. Another incident of target killing has taken place, wherein the renowned Qawwal Amjad Sabri was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon.
Sabri and an associate were travelling in a car in Liaquatabad 10 area, when unidentified gunmen fired at their vehicle, critically injuring him. The two were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed hospital immediately, where Sabri succumbed to his injuries.
Amjad Sabri was a legend. He was the nephew of Maqbool Sabri and was the son of the Ghulam Farid Sabri. His death is a great loss to Pakistan. A wonderful Qawal is no more with us, but he will always remain in our hearts. After these target killings, a question is always raised that when will these killings come to an end? When will the Karachi become the city of peace? The Government should start taking action against these criminal activities to make Karachi a place to live safely and happily.
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