Assassination case of BB

The long awaited decision of the trial court in Benazir assassination case has been announced. Two police officers have been given 17 years imprisonment sentence and the principal accused General Parvaiz Musharraf was declared absconder and his properties have been attached. The court has also issued the Red Warrants to arrest him. This decision has raised many more questions; the real culprits have not been convicted.
Why the crime scene was washed? Who was responsible for the Post-mortem of the dead body? What were the findings of the UN Investigation Commission? Before her assassination Ms Bhutto named certain persons in power to be her would-be assassins. Were they included in the investigations? Why the key witnesses’ evidence was not recorded? Five accused officers have been acquitted by the court. The real culprits have not been caught. Justice seems to have been denied in her murder case. . We have a history of political assassinations in Pakistan which were never solved. Appellate Court can reverse the decision. Who can go in appeal in this case? I think the complaint or the heir of the victim can appeal in this case.
The most famous unsolved murder case to date is that of the first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali khan and the Baloch leader, Akbar Bugti. The botched investigation and prosecution is responsible for such results. Here the police deliberately destroyed the evidence. The murder investigations were compromised for the reasons best known to the investigators. The key witnesses were removed from the scene of murder. Police destroyed the material evidence. No post-mortem was done so the cause of death could not be determined in this case. Asifa Zardari’s tweet holds truth; they did not get the JUSTICE in the case.

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