Asma Jahangir remembered as icon of freedom, a symbol of resistance

Zubair Qureshi

Noted rights activist Asma Jahangir was remembered as the symbol of hope and resistance against dictatorship, oppression and tyranny. Speakers at a reference held in her memory at the SDPI Monday they called Asma a larger than life personality, one who contributed a lot to our jurisprudence and constitution.
Her sudden departure left us all in a state of oblivion. Her dream of equality and her stand for human rights was above any political party line. Asma Jahangir might have died physically, but she will remain alive forever.
Dr Abid Q Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI said the name of Asama Jahangir was synonym to human rights. “Till her last breadth, Asma fought for the deprived and depressed segments of the society”, he said, adding that her struggle for the rule of law, rights of downtrodden, labourers, women and other vulnerable groups of the society will be remembered forever. “Without peaceful and just society, sustainable development cannot be achieved and Asma Jahangir was the strong advocate of sustainable development, he maintained. He also announced ‘Asma Jahangir Award’ in the category of human right activist, which will be given during SDPI’s 21 Sustainable Development Conference (SDC) in December.
Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Sartaj Aziz said Asma Jahangir was the embodiment of courage and bravery, who valiantly continued her struggle for justice and human rights. “Whenever we feel afraid of speaking truth, we should keep in mind the struggle of Asma Jagangir to gain courage,” he said, adding that Asma will be remembered forever due to her great struggle and we should follow in her footsteps.
He called for establishing Asma Jahangir Foundation for Human Right where like-minded women lawyers and civil society activists should get together to make voice for the marginalized segment of the society. PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar said Asma was symbol of resistance against tyranny, oppression and dictatorship literally and metaphorically. “Asma Jahangir was the champion of equality, as she would have believed in equality of law and humanity,” he said, adding that Asma’s contribution to the society and human rights was of no match, especially in the case of missing persons and her voice will never fade away.

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