Asian stability depends on Kashmir dispute resolution

Srinagar—Kashmir dispute cannot be resolved by mere visits, photo sessions and issuing of statements but it needs bold political majors and confessions of historical facts. This was stated by senior Hurriyat leader and Jammu Kashmir National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Monday in a statement.
“Kashmir dispute is as a big reality as Himalaya, so unless and until this historical fact is accepted, there can be no resolution,” Nayeem Khan said adding “visits of Indian political leadership and issuance of mere statements cannot bear any fruit.”
Nayeem Ahmad Khan further said that New Delhi is entirely relying on using
force vis-a-vis Kashmir dispute that is why people are not ready to believe India any more. He said that killing of more than 70 unarmed civilians and injuring at least 8000 of them speaks volumes of Indian oppression and tyranny.
“Men in uniform are killing kids like Daanish Sultan and beat even elders and women, only because New Delhi and its local collaborators have given them a free hand to tackle the problem,” Nayeem Khan said adding “using men in uniform even in political matters can only complicate the situation.”
He said that New Delhi is seeing the dispute as a law and order problem which has closed all the doors of its resolution. “If New Delhi is serious in resolving the Kashmir dispute it has to take political majors and shun to deceive its own people and international community,” he said. Nayeem Khan added that New Delhi must know the fact that the route to political stability of south Asia passes through resolution of Kashmir dispute.
He strongly condemned the cold blooded murder of Daanish Sultan of Palepora at the hands of the men in uniform and said such shameless incidents can only work as fuel to fire. Nayeem Khan further said that beating, thrashing and injuring elderly persons, women and kids are the acts of cruelty so human rights forums at international level must take strong cognizance of it.—Email

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