Aseefa urges Maryam to take note of Khawaja Asif’s remarks

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Karachi—Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, younger daughter of ex- prime minister and PPP leader Benazir Bhutto, has picked up the cause of women folks and asked Maryam Nawaz to take notice of the “derogatory remarks” from her party’s federal minister Khawaja Asif.
She tweeted a message to the daughter of the present prime minister reminding her that the honour of ladies, including those in the parliament must be safeguarded.
Unfortunately, one of the senior ministers of Nawaz League had made derogatory remarks against a lady member of the National Assembly,(Shireen Mazari of PTI) which was a cause of concern. Maryam should take notice of remarks from her party’s members, especially when they are holdings positions in the government.
Khawaj Asf, minister for defence, and power, has been widely criticised for his remarks against PTI lady member in the lower house.

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