Aseefa Bhutto visits Sabika Sheikh’s family

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Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, daughter of Benazir Bhutto, visited the residence of the deceased Sabika Sheikh in Karachi, and offered her condo-lences to the family.
The 25-year-old had taken to Facebook to pay her accolades to Sabika Sheikh who became s victim of gun violence on May 18th in Texas’ Santa Fe High School where she studying since the past year as an ex-change student.
Along with the words of con-dolences said for the 17 year old, Aseefa also shared details of her visit to Sabika’s resi-dence in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area where she met with her family and prayed for the departed soul.
Speaking to Sabika’s parents, Aseefa’s post had shared details of the visit reading: “Sabika’s parents have endured a devastatingly unimaginable loss with such strength and equanimity. While visiting Sabika’s family today they shared memories of their daughter, her dreams, aspi-rations and even a note that she had written before she went to the US.”
Talking about Sabika’s deter-mination and zest, she stated: “She was excited about the ad-venture she was going on and she was updating her family on her trip and on her rozas .
Sabika was only 17 years old – she was a bright Pakistani stu-dent on an exchange program and was a victim in the SantaFe school shooting in Texas. I pray for Sabika. I pray for Sabika’s parents, siblings and family members to have the strength to bear this painful loss.”
Elaborating further on the gun violence widely prevalent in Untied Stated, Aseefa stated: “Far too many children have been killed in the US because of schoolAseefa Bhutto visits Sabika Sheikh’s family

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