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No kudos is enough for Amshall Asif for the brilliant letter titled “Inculcation of peace education”(June 4). Mere earning of degree does not necessarily make a person educated. And one can also become truly educated without completing school education, attending college or pursuing higher education. There exist innumerable “educated” persons in the society who are racist, casteist, communal and intolerant to the utmost, get engaged in “honour” killings, regard the fairer sex as “inferior” to the manfolk or superstitious. The think-tank of all terrorist organizations consists of “educated” persons possessing respectable degrees from prestigious institutions.
On the other hand many “uneducated” and illiterate are learned enough to regard the whole human race as one by rising over narrow boundaries of race, religion, caste, colour and nationality; reside at the furthest distance from communalism and pledge to donate their bodies after death for medical cause. That person is truly educated who values human rights, remains humble and courteous, knows the difference between right and wrong and also practically practises it in daily life. This is the very reason why many degree-holders used to seek advice of a certain degree-less Ramakrishna Paramahansa or follow the philosophical path of another certificate-less Rabindranath Tagore.
Mere earning of university degree i.e. career-based education hardly serves the moral fabric of the society or enlightens one’s mindset and viewpoint because it can often be earned by merely memorizing the answers of the questions as suggested by the professor or tutor and “inspires” the students to become successful professionals so as to make loads of money by hook or by crook. Mere bagging of university degree is neither the path of enlightenment nor the be-all and end-all of life. Hence if the concerned authorities really want to see a society where the future citizens of the society turn truly educated while pursuing degrees for career prospects; then inculcation of moral values, humanity and peace education, as suggested by Amshall Asif, remains the urgent need of the hour in school curriculum.
Kolkata, India

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