Artists sacrifices could not do much to attract people to theatre

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Theater artists argued that they even have face hunger and work without money for theater but there sacrifices could do much to bring people to theater. It was a time when theater has no money and not a single writer was ready to write for theater.
The fourth session of fifth and last day of 10th International Urdu Conference was surrounded by “The condition of theater in Pakistan” the session discussed by Nayeem Tahir, Sameena Ahmed, Talat Hussain, Yasmeen Tahir, Khalid Ahmed, Zain Ahmed and Qawi Khan where the session hosted by Ahmed Shah president Arts council of Pakistan.
The actors said that they are convinced many people to write for theater, and urged sponsors to pay more to writers for attraction and return back the golden era of theater. Qawi Khan said Pakistani theater is demising in our time we have a lot of problems that is somehow little today but it is hard to attract people towards theater. Zain Ahmed said theater is considered as a sin in our society it is something that is not acceptable however we get love from Karachi and its people always.
Sameena Ahmed said I will urge the institute like arts council to promote theater because it is essential part of the artist’s life.

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