Artistes pay homage to Edhi

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Islamabad—Renowned artistes in the country have paid homage to philanthropist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi as a great personality and acknowledged his services for the humanity. Talking to media on Saturday, they said his name would be written in the history in golden words in recognition of his services for poor, destitute and needy people from all age groups.
Singer Shehzad Roy said his death has created a gap which would hardly be filled as men like Edhi are born after ages. He not only himself lived but alleviated miseries of hundreds of thousands people.
He said during interaction with Edhi he found him very simple as Edhi believed that simplicity and serving the down trodden was part of his faith. Roy said, when he joined Edhi for a marathon in Dubai for media organizations, the great humanitarian taught them the lesson of charity for the poor and needy people.
Replying to a question, he said Edhi believed in equality and wished the same system for the country.
Singer Abrar ul Haq was saddened from his death as he described Edhi as ‘one and only’ and a unique personality whose heart was filled with love for the poor and destitute. He said Edhi was a kind and humble man and it was his versatility and greatness that drew thousands of people to his funeral.
“With his death, we are deprived of a widely loved personality,” he said and hoped, his followers would continue his mission. Another artist Nadeem Jaffery said death of Abdul Sattar Edhi was a national loss as such people are born after ages.
He said it was an honor for Pakistan as Allah blesses nations with people after centuries. Singer Jawad Ahmad said Abbdus Sattar Edhi had a revolutionary personality as he believed in equality and opposed capitalism. “He was true follower of Islam and chose a noble profession of serving the humanity.”
He said services rendered by Edhi were an example for the nation and rulers for making Pakistan a true welfare state where wealth is equally divided among people and facilities are ensured at masses doorstep.
Actress Bushra Ansari said, a single person had started the mission of serving the mankind, but when he died he left behind hundreds of thousands mourners.
“Services of Abdul Sattar Edhi would be remembered for ages. Allah had chosen him for the noble cause of serving the needy and destitute. His organization owned assets worth billions of rupees but his life was like an ordinary and poor person,” she said. Actor Abid Ali said Edhi set new examples of philanthropy and left behind a message for us to uphold revered teachings and traditions of Islam. “Now, it is our responsibility to continue his mission.”

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