Arteries for unity & development

PASSION of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for motorway projects is well-known to everybody. It was actually he who had envisioned Islamabad-Lahore motorway project in his first term in office and now in his third term, everybody is witnessing the ground breaking and inauguration of unprecedented number of motorway projects. Friday again saw him unveiling the plaque of completed section of Karachi-Hyderabad motorway project. On the occasion, he also made the announcement that all the mega road infrastructure projects will stand completed by 2019.
Often we see the opposition parties criticizing the PML (N) over the road infrastructure projects apparently for political reasons. In fact in the modern era, projects like motorways and mass transit systems have become a necessity in order to bring ease to the life of the people. These very mega projects are inevitable not only for promoting trade activities within and outside the country but also sharing the fruits of the development to the far flung areas. How industrialists and the farmers will take their produce to the local and foreign markets if there will be no modern means of communications? In addition, the road infrastructure also helps the people of different regions come close to each other which ultimately results in promoting national unity and harmony. Given the growing requirements of the country, we believe that these infrastructure projects were long overdue which unfortunately were neglected by both the previous governments. Had these projects been initiated in previous regimes, Pakistan today would have been in a far better position than it is today. We believe the country is now on the right course and whilst it is the responsibility of the opposition parties to keep a check on the government performance and pinpoint its shortcomings, the parties are also duty bound that they rise above politics when it comes to the development of the country. Before pointing fingers at infrastructure projects, the opposition parties should also pay heed to the voice of the people as to what they say about them.

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