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A man passes away. For a new abode? Heaven or Hell — depending upon his deeds? Does the soul indeed find peace up above? Don’t know the answer. But the hard truth remains in front of our very eyes — The man is gone, gone for ever, never to return in our fold, leaving behind nothing but trails of memories.
Algerian writer Mouloud Benzadi pens “When the pretty birds have flown/ And you feel hurt and alone/Be strong and carry on / And remember that life goes on”! Yes, absolutely true. Life globe nature continues to go on in its own pace despite personal tragedies. Indeed the river continues to flow in its full might, the fishermen continuing their search of fish on boats, launch still rendering its service of ferrying people and vehicles from bank to bank — just no change, all things simply remaining the same!
On the holy dawn of Mahalaya, Hindus offer homage to their deceased ancestors. Nobody can vouch about the existence of soul high above, but there lies no doubt that such a thought indeed applies a balm to the heart as if the ancestors are appreciating our respect and in turn blessing us just as they had done when alive. This thought or idea of Mahalaya is certainly an inspiring one and a nice way to pay tribute to the departed ones.
Ending with an excerpt of Rabindranath Tagore gem, the idea of which might not be literally true, but spiritually very solacing — “Who is it that says I am not there that morning?/ You will call me by a new name/ I will be there to join in every game/ You will encircle me with renewed ties/ And I will come and go as usual — the eternal I”.
Kolkata, India

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