Army’s peacekeeping role

DURING a meeting with Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Under-Secretary-General United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations Jean Pierre Lacroix has acknowledged and appreciated Pakistan Army’s sincere efforts and sacrifices in UN Peacekeeping Operations. The COAS affirmed that Pakistan would continue to play its positive role being one of the highest troop-contributing nation for maintaining international peace and security.
Pakistan has received similar appreciation from different world leaders especially successive UN Secretary-Generals. This is not without reason as the country has long been actively participating in UN peacekeeping operations worldwide and Pakistani troops effectively discharged their responsibilities restoring much needed peace and stability to many troubled countries and regions. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has been sparing troops despite its own domestic constraints and requirements. Pakistan is passing through a very difficult and complex period where on the one hand it is in the midst of war against terrorists at home and thanks to the sacrifices of the armed forces the menace has largely been checked and on the other hand there are serious threats both on eastern and western borders of the country. Cross border attacks from Afghan soil have become a constant threat and there has been no let up despite raising of the issue both with Afghan Government and the United States. Similarly, there have been almost daily ceasefire violations on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary besides verbal threats from Indian army leadership and civilian leaders. The release of so-called videos of 2016 surgical strikes against Pakistan also speaks volumes about designs of our enemy. However, despite all this Pakistan has also been sparing troops to take part in UN peacekeeping operations, which is a clear testimony of the country’s peace credentials and its willingness to cooperate with the international community. We believe that motivated propaganda campaign by some foreign powers about Pakistan Army and ISI must come to an end.

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