Army women..!

AS more and more women join the services I imagined a meeting I had with a general and and in that meeting met my friend Gen Kishore Kumar and his elegant wife at the command mess where the good general had decided to wine and dine me.
“Ofcourse women are needed in the army,” said the general as he poured himself a large rum and beamed at the waiter who topped it up with soda and water, “tell them dear what a busy time you have in the army!”
“Yes,” I said, “tell me what you do?” “The generals breakfast looks after my morning,” said the general’s wife. “A breakfast that helps me make important decisions for the country,” said the general. “The general’s lunch looks after my afternoon!” “A lunch that relaxes me for a strenuous evening,” said the general as he smiled at the waiter who poured him another water and soda mix. “Do you see how important she is for the army?” “Do you sleep in the afternoon?” I asked the general’s wife.
“How can she?” asked the general looking at his wife fondly and then having a quick gulp from his glass when she looked away. “I have no time for sleep,” said the elegant lady, “I spend the whole afternoon getting ready for the evening..” “Doing what?” I asked.
“Facials, manicure, pedicure, massage, hair dye, oh the things we women have to do in the army to see we are pretty enough for the men!”
The general’s batman entered and tapped the ladies arm, “Madam the sariwallah has just come to the mess!” “Tell him madam will be with him in a moment,” said the general. “Should I buy a Kancheevaram sari or a sarong?” asked the lady off her husband. “You have to meet the Nepali regiment wives tomorrow,” said the general, “so a sarong will be most appropriate, you will look very Burmese!” “Oh the things I have to do for the army!” sighed the general’s wife as her husband signaled the waiter. “How many have you had?” she asked her husband. “Just one my dear,” said the general sheepishly. “You think I’m blind? You think I can’t count? This is your fourth drink! Now don’t have another one while I go and pick a sarong!”
I watched as the lady went off with the batman. The general looked at me. “Do you see how much a woman is needed in the army?” I nodded as the general looked round furtively to see whether his wife was back and quickly ordered himself another drink, “Women are needed in the army!” he said as he leaned towards me, “but to have them next to you all the time..!”

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