Army, Rangers roles commendable during Muharram

Salahuddin Haider

PASSAGE of ten days, may appear slightly belated in comments on army’s and Rangers to deliver remarkably in Muharram, as General Qamar Bajwa has been the inspiring force, for his determination is crystal clear for everyone to see. Even today, (Oct 11), he delivered an important speech at a seminar in Karachi, in which he rightly stated that economic progress directly impacts every segment of national life.
His aim was clear. For last two decades, tremendous changes have come in world philosophies and governance rules. Economy has assumed a principal dimension in world affairs. Pakistan, too, suffering from a decline in exports, of almost 8 to ten billion dollars, may have its growth rate affected. Though government is silent some non-entities had been citing Supreme Court judgement against Nawaz Sharif, as the main reason.
But those well aware of facts and ground realities agree and in fact sound be unanimous that faulty policies pursued in the recent past, particularly far too much reliance on domestic and foreign loans, has been the eroding factor. Those advancing such arguments should learn from the latest World Bank report which places Pakistan on the road to progress, and paints a bleak picture about Indian economy.
Refusal from such eminent world bodies like the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank to let finance minister Ishaq Dar attend their meetings, came as a rude shock, but prime minister acted instantly to wrest back loan acquiring powers from the finance minister and sent interior minister Ahsan Iqbal to IMF meetings.
Premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had to be quick in his keenness for damage control or atleast keeping its harmful effects on Pakistani economy to minimum. General Bajwa had earlier sounded a note of warning that peace had to have top priority, and those indulging in anti-Pakistan speeches or acts abroad, would also be booked. He knows that whatever the army has done in last nearly two years, cannot be allowed to fritter away. Time is now ripe to reap rich benefits from the efforts and sacrifices of the Pakistan army, during the days of Bajwa’s predecessor General Raheel Sharif, and his own campaign against the menace of terrorism. He lost no time in visiting Kabul, and the fashion in his which he was greeted there by President Ashraf Ghani, indeed augurs well for peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Reports that Ashraf Ghani has agreed to visit Pakistan, are indeed heartening.
During Muharram, serious suspicions were there from terrorists, but hawk-eyed vigil, by the army, acting under guidance from General Bajwa, and the home work done by the para-military force, not only came as a huge relief to the people, but was reassuring them that those entrusted with security tasks, were upto their marks. In Karachi, there were obvious plans to disturb peace, and plunge the city of Karachi into chaos during Muharram mournings, when processions were taken out almost for four days, remained safe. Not a single incident or mishap was reported from anywhere. This was a gigantic task, but the way Maj-Gen Mohammad Saeed, and his force discharged their obligations, was laudable. General Saeed is not only a meaningful man, but is a hard task master,a man with vision, and keeps delivering lectures at universities, and gathering of intellectuals to tell them that Karachi needed peace for their own safety, and also for uninterrupted national progress. The role of corps commander, Karachi, Lt-General Shahid Mirza too cannot escape notice. He is polite, smiling but prefers to remain behind. However his guidance to security forces to remain alert can not be under-estimated.

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