Army Chief’s timely reaction

Our Army is more alive to the national interests. Army Chief Q.J. Bajwa timely reacted to US President’s vitriolic speech against Pakistan. Army Chief made it clear that we do not need monetary/material assistance. All that we need is appreciation of our sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Pakistan has done more than anyone else for the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan.
All the stakeholders will have to make efforts towards these goals. We do not either need weapons or any aid. We will work in our own interest. I think the Army Chief has taken a bold stand and responded in a befitting manner. US President’s recent address was highly offensive and insulting and someone needed to respond on behalf of the nation.
We appreciate General Bajwa’s patriotic statements. It was the need of the hour and he has done a commendable job. The time has come to revisit and revise the foreign policy especially in the context of bilateral relations with America. We cannot become subservient to America and take dictation from her. We have to fix our goals and objectives ourselves.
The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is coming out of his clothes; he needs to be put in his place. To his ephemeral criticism my response is yes the time has come for you to change your attitude and become humble and remain within limits. Sooner or later Taliban are going to take over Kabul. He is just a puppet in the hands of Americans and Indians who are using him for their own vested interests.

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