Army Chief re-asserts in Karachi

TOP civilian and military leaders did well by joining their heads in
Karachi to take stock of the security environment in the mega city
following recent high profile target killings and kidnappings for ransom that sent shock-waves across the country. A firm message has gone to trouble-makers that those at the helm of affairs are committed to root them out at all costs.
Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, who attended two meetings – one at Rangers’ Headquarters and the other at Five Corps – firmly stated that nexus of terrorists, their abettors, sympathizers and financiers will be broken at all costs and the ongoing operation will be taken to its logical conclusion. He rightly stated that terrorists were going for softer targets to survive and directed law-enforcing and intelligence agencies to concentrate on prevention of such threats. In our view, the visit of the Chief of Army Staff to Karachi and discussions with relevant authorities on the way forward was very timely and this would surely help restore sagging morale of the people there. No doubt, the on-going targeted operation in Karachi has achieved remarkable successes and there has been marked improvement in the overall law and order situation but the fact remains that terrorists and their backers still have the capacity to strike targets of their choice, triggering speculations about fate of the operation itself. It is noteworthy that in the past too, operations were launched in Karachi but none of them could produce the desired results as they were left midway because of political expediencies or other reasons. Therefore, there have been apprehensions that the on-going operation might not face a similar fate. Hopefully, the visit of the Army Chief and his firm declaration to take the operation to its logical conclusion would have salutary impact on the overall situation. However, it should not be the sole responsibility of the Army Chief to come out with such statements and the civil Government too especially the Sindh administration should also play its part in addressing the problem comprehensively as it is the question of not only peace in Karachi but the overall progress and future of the country.

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