Army act

Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

THE caption may be deceptive as it may imply a commentary on the army act as is, or it may suggest that I am seeking of the army to act on something or someone. Neither. I am narrating a vision I have about an army, as it ought to be by definition and application. Nation States need a defence mechanism in place in this world of political economy. It is like existing in perpetuity surrounded by robbers, marauders and pirates. The greater a nation state is endowed with natural resources the greater the vulnerability. Ironically the plunderers otherwise called the civilized world have weapons of destruction and the laws to protect the usage, both. So this leaves the endowed nation states in a quandary to be freely milked of their ownership and remain in subservience. The alternative is to assert their existence militarily with an economic game plan that protects their survival. Value for value is the target to achieve in a balance.
In this day and age the nation states that have anything to sell get paid in a medium of exchange that is under par or even valueless. In fact with the concept of a reserve currency in place the payment is tied to conditions which robs the recipient with the liberty to spend its revenue stream at will. This is the economic canvas of the world and we view it through silly periscopes of diplomacy and religion and ‘isms’ like left, right or extremism. Any army in any third world nation state that wishes to have a hold over the populace is evidently ignorant of its role, as it ought to be; in fact it is hilariously preposterous! The plunderers did not get their weapons from God nor did they design their economic standards by copying it from others. They developed it themselves and they also researched laws that could hold sway over the planet. We are not children of a lesser God so it is time we do what it takes to defend ourselves and have supportive laws that will defend our doings.
We need to revert to our ideology to prepare the foundations of our independence else we must declare our colonized status and do away with an army, as there would be nothing to defend. We did this under the British Raj so it is not an unknown act of subservience. To hypocritically remain in the fantasy of an independent state and to keep the populace subjugated is really serving the cause and purpose of the colonist and that should be the writ of us the people against the institutions of our state.
Reverting back to my vision of the army I would like to see in actuality a formidable wall of defence that can protect my country and its ideology. It must have a global out-reach and more. It should be able to neutralize any offensive from any quarters that should surface from outside of the country. It must also be able to teach and prepare the entire population for the contingency of war but most importantly it must be able to make its own weapons for defence and offence both. It is nonsensical to imagine that you will buy weapons from your ideological enemy to fight them! The economic factor and the mindset to hold populations in servitude are the two impediments in this objective that has kept the army of this country nailed to stagnation. Where will the money come from for expansion, research and the production of weapons? How can we have a mute population that will condone all our acts of stagnation and imports? This mindset has to change and for good and forever.
The adoption of your founding ideology is the principle key to this change. The khaki uniform does make one any more patriotic than a blue blazer or a blue overall. They must trust the population as they trust themselves because it is the people that have clothed you, fed you and are your employers. Make your plans that make you the force that can defend any contingency of piracy and insurgency. Develop your own weapons of defence and physically train your employers to be your arms and strength. This is not done with music and printed ads, it is done with compulsive conscription renewed year on year. Let your grandiose plans not seem starved for resources as resource mobilization is not your business; it is the job of the Government in office to arrange and pay you. Budget and execute, in a focused way, without diluting your objective destination. Your current strength enables you to spread your wings and cause alliances by becoming the protectors of all people who are of your faith.
You must never fight them for others; you can only protect them from the piracy and oppression of others. All these are injunctions of Islam, which is your founding ideology and has to be adhered to irrespective of what you think, imagine and conclude as the necessity of this day and age. The army can trash this declaration but do remember that this is written with two objectives in mind: One that we have to follow steadfastly our ideology and the other is to prevail upon the incumbent governments that the economic plans they have must realistically deliver enough to pick up the security and population welfare tabs. Anything short of this ability is like handing the reigns of our destiny to egoistical idiots.
— The writer is an entrepreneur and author based in Karachi.

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