Armenian aggression countered with befitting blow

Staff reporter

Islamabad—Military Attaché of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, Col Mehman Novruzov at a media briefing informed that recent Armenian aggression has been swiftly and befittingly responded by the Azerbaijan forces along the Line of Control and the brave Azerbaijan forces have re-taken a long area of its territory from the occupying forces of Armenia.
Azerbaijan nation is proud of its forces and cherishes their glorious achievements, said the Military Attaché of the Azerbaijan Embassy. Acting Ambassador and Charge d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Azerbaijan Chingiz Garibli was also present on the occasion. Col Mehman Novruzov while giving an update about the situation said the government of Azerbaijan would ensure defence and security of its people and while doing so would exploit all its resources.
The Military Attaché was of the opinion that escalation tension along the LoC was a violation of ceasefire agreement reached with initiative and mediating efforts by the Russian Federation on April 2, 2016. “The armed forces of Armenia have intensely shelled our villages and non-military facilities near the line of control,” said he.
To a question, Col Mehman Novruzov said during the clashes with the Armenians, Azerbaijani forces took under control their six tanks and up to 15 artillery systems and reinforced engineering fortifications. One Mi-24 helicopter taking part in operation was also downed and one tank was damaged by anti-tank mine.

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