Arif Alvi condemns stoppage of Imran Khan from entering the Shrine



KARACHI : Dr Arif Alvi President Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh condemned the incident that took place at the shrine of Hazrat Laal Shehbaz Qalander when the PPP’s Sindh administration stopped Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan from entering the shrine of the Sufi saint.


According to the details furnished by Central Media Department senior leader PTI Dr. Arif Alvi has made trenchant criticism of Sindh government. Sharing the details of the incident happened at the shrine of Hazrat Laal Shehbaz Qalander he stated that Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro was informed by him personally about the planned visit of PTI leadership to the shrine before the jalsa.


He added that on the request of DC Jamshoro PTI leaders deferred the visit to after the jalsa as according to him thousands of participants/workers may accompany the Chairman PTI and it would be difficult for the police to manage security. Dr. Arif Alvi said that he also assured DC Jamshoro that armed guards will not go into the shrine with PTI leaders and number plates of four guards were also exchanged to go into the premises.


“When the first car with our Vice Chairman PTI Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi reached the shrine it was blocked and was not allowed to enter” Dr. Arif Alvi said. He further added that the administration stopped the vehicle even there was no crowd around and afterwards the remaining cars carrying other PTI leaders including Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Secretary General PTI Jahangir Khan Tareen and he himself have also been refused to enter the shrine.


Chairman PTI, Dr.Arif Alvi stated, tried to enter the shrine but the police outside the gate and inside the gate blocked his entry and there happened no discussion at all regarding armed guards.


Dr. Arif Alvi went on adding that the Gaddi Nasheen of the shrine Syed Mehdi Shah also reached there and beseeched the police to open the gate, he too was rudely refused by the security officials. “Chairman PTI Imran Khan waited for half an hour and after realizing it mere waste of time to try to convince them including the fact that there was no proper security around, Chairman PTI is advised and urged by party leaders to leave.


As soon as he left, Dr. Arif Alvi said, the gate was opened and the police created chaos, some pushing us, resulting in a melee in which a few PTI workers, including he himself got injured. Condemning the autocratic practices of PPP’s Sindh government Dr Arif Alvi demanded a judicial inquiry of the incident and maintained that it is against Sindh’s traditions and culture to close the gates on anyone visiting the shrines especially under false pretext of security.



Originally published by NNI

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