Are you thirsty enough?

WE were chatting the other night, my daughter and I, “Dad,’ she said, “D’you know my friend’s father’s bought a Mercedes?” “Good for him,” I said happily, “he deserves it.”
“How do you know?” she asked. “I’ve seen him work hard,” I told her. “And d’you know something?” she asked, “this other friend of mine admires him for how he has come up.” “Good for him,” I said wryly. “And he plans to also get a Mercedes one day.” “He won’t,” I said. “Why?” she asked eyes flashing. “Because he has no thirst to do well,” I said simply, “He is simply a dreamer, he has no thirst to do well!” A man had an operation, and the doctor, by mistake, left a sponge in him. A friend asked him if he had any pain because of it. “No,” said the man, “but I sure do get thirsty.”
And that’s the kind of thirst you need to have, as if a sponge is inside you. Or like a man in the desert who hasn’t sipped a drop of water for hours! That and only that will help you succeed. It’s true isn’t it that the people who get thirsty – not for water or beverages – but thirsty to pursue a dream or achieve a goal, are the ones who eventually succeed. Thirst, or desire, is paramount. Napoleon Hill said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Not hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating thirst which transcends everything.”
You’ll be surprised to know that natural abilities play only a small part in the development of us as individuals. As children, many people were often mediocre musicians, athletes or students, but possessed a powerful drive to succeed. They practiced the piano hours every day, rose well before school every morning to swim, or spent hours along working on science projects.
Parental support was there of course. The parents of the successful young people do help out, exposing their children to great ideas and influential persons. Many make sacrifices to ensure their offspring receive good training. This helps but in the end, it is the children’s thirst to do well that makes all the difference.
How thirsty are you? Your success in any field you choose may hinge on your answer to this simple question. There isn’t any point just admiring the man who buys a Mercedes or Audi or BMW or builds an empire. What is needed is a parched spirit that asks to quench..! A thirst to succeed. A thirst for knowledge. A thirst to make a mark in this world. Pause a moment; are you thirsty enough?
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