Are you at home dad?

A father was called to the school where his son studied.
The principal asked him to sit and then told him that his son was a thief. “Never,” said the father. “He has been stealing pens and pencils from the other students,” said the principal gravely.
“Never,” said the father, “Why should he, when I bring back enough pens and pencils from the government office where I work at!” Now do you need to ask why the son was a thief? Here’s another incident: A phone rings, a little boy picks it up.
“Who is it?” he asks and then turns to his father: “Daddy are you at home?” Sounds familiar doesn’t it? The boy has learnt to tell a lie at home itself!
And later a call comes from school. You listen astonished and shocked. “What nonsense!” you yell to the teacher at the other end. “My son copying! Never! Do you know what kind of family he comes from?”
The teacher remains silent for a moment. Ofcourse she knows the kind of family the fellow comes from, a family where dads are looked at when the phone rings and asked, “Are you at home father?”
“How could you cheat?” ask the parents as they gaze that evening at their little offspring. The tiny chap looks up at dad and mom and there is confusion in his mind. If he could cheat at home, why not at school? Children above twelve had to have a full ticket to travel by train. But Joe’s mother had no difficulty taking him in the train at half fare, as he was short for a thirteen year old.
One day Joe told a blatant lie to his mother. “Joe,” shouts his mother, “haven’t I told you what happens to children who tell a lie?” “Yes mother,” says young Joe, “their mother’s have to pay only half the fare..!” I can imagine the same Joe later in life, head of a large corporate and doing well for himself. One morning the mother opens the morning paper and sees her son’s name splashed across: Caught for embezzling.
“What made you do it son?” she asks with tears in her eyes as she looks at him through prison grill. “I was only trying to travel half ticket mom..!” he says. So are you at home dad? How much stuff are you bringing from the office dad? And you moms as well? Do you lead the kind of life dad or mom, you would like your son or daughter to follow?

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