Are we living in the wasteland?

Hashim Abro

I grew up both in the rural and urban society in Sindh. I still vividly remember that many people both men and women knew the art of living on this beautiful land but no when I reflect upon the moral, social and environmental pollution, in our society nowadays. It really pains me. All and sundry used to be promising and dependable in both types of society, but now time is very hard. Things seem uncertain in this unjust and unfeeling society. Our rulers are never true to our progressive values. A vast majority of people are never committed to tell the truth. There is constant unrest among the educated but jobless youth. There is weariness and a vast majority of people feel unsettled and uncomfortable. There is no light of hope anywhere in this country. Like many others who are budding students of law and literature, when I ponder over these words of Plato who once said, “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” We are not only being ruled by evil but our as nation our reaction to evil is also not visible anywhere in this land. Sometimes I ask this question from my own self, “Are we living in the Waste Land of T.S Elliot or Pakistan, I mean, land of the Pure, where nothing is pure. So much so even corruption is not pure in this land.

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