Arab World in ruins of insanity

Dr Mahboob A Khwaja

Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo – the hubs of ancient cultures and civilizations are targets of man-made destructive instinct. Arab leadership’s political incapacity is joined by complacency and result is the worst combination of tyranny and cruelty to humanity. Is it an inevitable Divine punishment to the Arab leaders for their meddling in affairs they lack imagination and power? Western war-mongering and Arab authoritarianism have destroyed what took centuries to human ingenious and intellect to build for future generations.
How do you reason with monstrous acts of bombing and killing the innocent people – a ‘right man’ syndrome in its worst naked form and shape? Retrieved historic diplomacy and fake persuasive dialogue is esoteric doctrine fraught with ignorance and arrogance. The civilized world sees the deliberate massacres of people and torture and destruction of the habitats through the books, media analysis and conceits and speaks boldly of peace and security, human rights, law and justice but practices gross indifference and jargons of empty elegance and meaningless futility.
Daily carnage of the civilian deaths and consequential perils of bloodbath in Aleppo, Baghdad, Damascus and elsewhere across the Arab world will put to shame what is called diplomacy and peaceful negotiations for ceasefire while the resourceful nations are competing in brutal warfare. Both America and Russia are capable to recapitulate peace, not cruelty in the Arab political theatre. The Arab leaders, on their own, have no cohesive intellectual capacity and policy for peace and normalization. The oil exporting Arab states rely on foreign masters (USA- Britain) and in the case of Bashar al-Assad (Syria) on Russia to do the political horse trading. None have the capacity to view human life as sacred and respectable.
They were divided and destroyed by the transitory prosperity of petro-dollar. If America and Russia were to mock intransigence and realize the value of peace and security in the region, they could win what is unthinkable for global peace and security. Peace will not happen when insanity replaces rationality in human affairs. History is repeating itself what went wrong when powerful nations shrink intellectually to become spectators rather than active peacemakers. The failure of the League of Nations allowed Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Japanese Empire to occupy the weak and poor nations and impose their logic of power paving ways for the World War-II.
We witness, the UNO is in similar parables. Western military interventions and Arab authoritarianism have ruined the whole landscape of the Arab Middle East. How to reverse the anarchism of few against many in a world determined by the powerful nations at the UN Security Council? The States occupying the nerve centre of political power are not accountable for their actions to the larger segment of humanity. The failure of global institutions ‘to protect mankind from the scourge of wars’ is just paper-based proclamation lacking proactive imagination and force to transform it into formidable action. All wars are against the human nature. The global institutions are not responsible to the humanity, which ultimately is victimized for their failure. Common masses across Europe and elsewhere suffered the dreadful consequences of the two World Wars, not the League of the Nations.
Likewise, the UNO and its agencies watch the catastrophic killings and destruction happening throughout the Arabian Peninsula but do little to stop the carnage. Its reports and findings are being questioned and sometimes ridiculed by its own members of the Security Council. The Security Council produces empty jargons for time killing not commitments to peacemaking or conflict management. How strange, the so called wise men of the globe exchange claims and counter claims of ‘war crimes’ when thousands are targeted and massacred by cluster bombs in Aleppo, Baghdad, Homs and hospitals and places of warships are destroyed? They lack sense of humanity, time and history. What happened to the negotiated freedom of Palestine ending the Israeli occupation, protection of the civilians in conflict zones, rights of the refugees and displaced and continuing Indian betrayal to the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to determine their own future?
At large, the aspirations and trust of humanity are betrayed and scorned by the global institutions. This state of affairs reflects complete breakdown of global systems of governance and march towards self-annihilation. We are witnessing and living in that delusional culture of human degeneration. Animosity and wars are not outgrowth of celestial bodies but essentially man-made follies throughout the history. All human acts are subject to change and reformation. What was illegal to use barrel bombs and chemical warfare, are now normal in Syria and Iraq. The resulting deaths of civilians and destruction of Arabian habitats are deliberate and systematic. Who will rebuild what is being destroyed as a price to enhance insanity of the few authoritarian warlords? The global political affairs need new thinking, new leadership vision and men of new ideas to restore trust and rational foresight for the future of mankind.
Michael Meacher, British MP and Minister in PM Tony Blair Cabinet, in his treatise, This War on Terrorism is Bogus, published in The Guardian in 2003, explains that the 9/11 attacks gave the US an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination. The Project for the New American Century, written by the neo-conservatives in September 2000 before 9/11, pin-points North Korea, Syria and Iran as dangerous regimes, and says their existence justifies the creation of a “worldwide command and control system”.
This is a blueprint for US world domination, especially, to occupy the Arab heartland and to offer extended strategic and political supremacy to Israel in the Middle East, to distract the focus from the freedom and peaceful resolution of Palestine as an independent State and defy the global support for human rights, to dismantle the socio-economic and political infrastructures of the Arab-Muslim world, encouraging internal strife and sectarian bloodsheds and making them subservient to the US-European military and economic subjugation. This is the time for the Arab people to wake up; they are being destroyed by the turmoil and chaos of sectarian wars. All of the American-led war efforts directed against ISIL appear to be fake simplicity and are aimed at maximum destruction of humans and habitats under the aegis of “War on Terrorism.”
— The writer. based in the US, specialises in global security, peace and conflict resolution.

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