AQIS propaganda on Kashmir

Reema Shaukat

WHILE the nefarious activities of Al-Qaeda and its off shoots are known to all, which predominantly led to War on Terror and adversely affected Pakistan and Afghanistan, they didn’t stop despite being all efforts to exterminate it. Al-Qaeda with all its agenda to create violence and terror in region formed it’s another branch with name of Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent commonly known as AQIS. This is an Islamist militant organization which aims to fight against Pakistan and other Muslim countries in order to form a greater Islamic state under the canopy of rules and laws by Al-Qaeda. This organization was formed in September, 2014.
Kashmir which is going through worst uprising in terms of security as more than 100 days have passed and people are forced to live life under curfew and India while giving a cover to its atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir is using organizations like AQIS to get legal and moral support for its human rights violation in IOK.AQIS has released a noxious statement in which it has blamed Pakistani Government, Intelligence agencies and other institutions for being defectors or traitors who betrayed Kashmiris for their own vested interests.
The message titled ‘Jihad of Kashmir: A Call to Reflection & Action” is pack of lies, prepared and released by Usama Mahmood on the behest of Indian agencies. India while finding no justification is now using such covert attempts while Pakistan highlighted issue of Kashmir on every forum and support its just cause for freedom. India and its sympathisers have been making repeated efforts to damage Kashmir’s freedom struggle by propagating against explicit efforts made by Pakistan.
Talks and guns don’t go together. Our position on a dialogue has been consistent. So India simply put blame on Pakistan for every mishap in Kashmir and Indo-Pak relations. Therefore to hoodwink its brutalities in Kashmir and current situation particularly in Post Burhan Wani scenario, India is looking for justifications on the use of pellet guns, arrests, torture and other actions by saying that this is all to stop Kashmiri terrorists. India declares Kashmir’s right of self-determination and struggle for freedom as terrorism and therefore it considers its barbarism as just and legal.
India while propagating against Pakistan, this time used AQIS to mislead audience by using the words like Pakistan has ditched people of Kashmir and abetted their oppression for political gains. AQIS in a statement wrongly urged Kashmiri people to distinguish between sympathizers and selfish. In their message AQIS mentioned that waging a war under Pakistani supervision has been tantamount to wasting the fruitage of jihad and it alleged that allowing wounds of Kashmiris to fester was a part of their politics. Such words can only be used by anti-Pakistan elements and adversaries who cannot bear Pakistan’s all out support to Kashmir cause and freedom.
India never wants to lose its illegal occupation in Kashmir while it must remember that whatever propaganda technique or brutal action they adopt, Kashmiris are adding unprecedented sacrifices to the history of this conflict. Kashmiris have demonstrated their resilience and struggle under the oppressive rule of Indians. Presently, after all the mayhems India brought through draconian laws in Kashmir, streets of IOK resonate with slogans of Azadi and say No to India. India has violated all norms of international humanitarian law still plebiscite is being held every day to rule out Indian oppression. Even the Kashmiri leaders praise that Pakistan is making all efforts to highlight the plight of suppressed Kashmiris.
Moreover, unanimous resolutions of APC on Kashmir and joint session of Parliament have sent a loud and clear message that Pakistan will always support the people of IOK. Disturbed by these developments in Pakistan, Indian agencies produce a false propaganda through its agents like Asim Umar and Usama Mahmood. The propaganda of Asim Umar, the chief of AQIS, is based on exploitation of grievances of Kashmiris and he wants to use Kashmiri freedom fighters for destabilizing Pakistan. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are foes of Pakistan and Kashmir, therefore all such deceptive propaganda should be rejected.
— The writer works for Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, a think tank based in Islamabad.

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