Approval of Ramzan package

The Punjab government has approved the Ramzan Package to provide relief from price hike to the people during the month of fasting. Each year such an exercise is held to keep the prices under control. But, despite this, substandard and defective items are sold in the Ramzan Bazaars. The authorities have failed to keep hoarding and black marketing to the minimum. 300 markets will operate in city during Holy month of Ramzan. Federal and provincial governments provide millions of rupees subsidy. But businessmen are not willing to provide any relief.
The trend continues and the businesses prosper at the cost of the public. No limits on profit can be imposed. The real problem lies with the system. The artificial scarcity of goods is created to earn profits. Price control committees have failed to make any difference rather they add to the misery of the public. The officials do not even check the quality of goods. Second rate items are sold for first rate. Vegetables, fruit, oils, pulses and other food items are sold at their own prices. In order to make the Ramzan Bazaar attractive for the consumers, prices and quality must be enhanced.

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